A Couple Of Questions

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> From the manpage of bash, section `PROMPTING':
>        When executing interactively, bash  displays  the  primary
>        prompt  PS1  when  it  is ready to read a command, and the
>        secondary prompt PS2 when it needs more input to  complete
>        a  command.
> In your case, `[lfs at PEER3 lfs]$' is the primary prompt, and `>' is the
> secondary. There are two more prompts, PS3 and PS4, but you'll hardly
> ever see them.
> So what happened was the following: When you enter the
> `cat>blabla<<"EOF"' command, you tell bash to record your input until
> you type EOF on a line for itself, and to use this recorded input as
> the input to file blabla. While recording the input, bash displays the
> secondary prompt, and after you typed EOF, bash creates the file and
> is ready for the next command, hence displaying the primary prompt.
> The `<<' thingy is explained in section `Here Documents' of the bash
> manpage.
> Regards,
> Uli


Many thanks for the in-depth reply. With answers like this one, I learn.

John Lowell
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