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Bill Maltby - LFS Related lfsbill at wlmcs.com
Sun Nov 17 09:57:27 PST 2002

On 17 Nov 2002, Ken Dyke wrote:
>On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 10:27, Bill Maltby - LFS Related wrote:
>> >Actually, it has to do with the mtab symlink.  I followed the mtab hint
>> >and I now get what I expect from df, mount, etc.
>> What does /proc/mounts show? Mine shows both /dev/root and the real
>> device. The symlink just makes mount a victim of the error.
>Doublecheck the subject line.  The OP's question had to do with df.  By
>following the mtab hint to get rid of the symlink df now gives me the
>expected results.

Yea, after I posted I realized that df was also just a victim and I should
have said "... makes df a victim of the error". Regardless, the
victimization is for both. If the kernel is version 2.4.18, both df and
mount do not show duplicate. If 2.4.19, both show.

In many threads in the past, it has been pointed out that doiung The Right
Thing (TM) by having a real mtab and getting rid of the symlink solves a
host of problems. These would also be fixed. But the error still exists
that the kernel has two entries showing in /proc/mounts (BTW, it show /
and /dev/root, not the real device - I misspoke again).

The real root can be ascertained by rdev.

>I have not looked into the issue you bring up as it is a temporary

Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

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