A Couple Of Questions

John Lowell johnlowell at ameritech.net
Sat Nov 16 23:33:08 PST 2002

Following up my "OK, I'm Lost" and "OK, I'm Lost II" threads, I'm happy to 
report that I've gotten things untangled and am moving forward once again. 
I've encounter a curious development just prior to the bash install which I'd 
appreciate having explained. Additionally, there is the an error on which  
guidance will be needed.

First, at the point "Install all software as an unprivileged user", I create 
the new lfs user as root and give this new user appropriate permissions 
regarding the $LFS/static directory. I logon as lfs and attempt to create the 
variables as indicated:

[lfs at PEER3 lfs]$ cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF"
>umask 022
>CC='gcc -s'
>export LFS LC_ALL CC

At this point, after hitting Enter so as to type

source ~/.bash_profile

as instructed and to complete the command, I get back 

[lfs at PEER3 lfs]$



as I'd expected. Being uncertain how to proceed, it seemed to me I had nothing 
to lose by entering sourse ~/.bash_profile at the prompt and attempting to 
continue. Have I erred in doing things this way?

Anyway, I went on to the installation of Bash-2.05a without complaint from the 
system. I'm using Mandrake 9.0 as the mother distro and it supplies 
/usr/lib/libncurses.a but not /user/lib/libcurses.a. Since both of the above 
files were not missing, the subsequent instruction to install the Ncurses 
development pachage had no meaning. But to be safe, since 
/user/lib/libcurses.a was not present, I created the symlink suggested, 

ln -s libncurses.a /usr/lib/libcurses.a

I next attempted the Bash install with

./configure --enable-static-link \
      --prefix+$LFS/static --with-curses &&
make &&
male install

and got back

bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

What's happening here, why do we come to a stop at this point?

Your help is solicited.

John Lowell



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