Mounting Proc, permission denied error. (Chapter 6, LFS 4.0)

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Fri Nov 15 14:28:27 PST 2002

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I am working on a small project where I could possibly use LFS, so I recently 
started installing LFS 4.0 following the book with no deviation.
However, I soon ran into a problem in Chapter 6 after the initial chroot.  
After chrooting and creating directories, I attempted to mount proc for the 
first time.  I repeatedly recieved "permission denied".  Was I typing it right? 

I tried a few things such as mounting from outside chroot, but when I went to 
the MAKEDEV step, I got errors w/ mknod creating the entries.  I was quite 
miffed.  I hit the #lfs channel at and a few folks were 
quite helpful... We determined it might be the way /mnt/lfs was mounted... It 

Well, after battling with this for a few hours, I finally found out what the 
problem was... I am running Gentoo as the host with GrSecurity patches compiled 
in the kernel.  If you have GrSecurity compiled in your kernel you will not be 
able to mount proc, make devices, and/or other things from within your LFS 
chroot.  :-)

Just lettin' ya'll know just in case somebody else has the same issue.  Oh, and 
if anyone else has any information on this, like how to disable grsecurity 
without recompile of kernel, let me (and the list) know.


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