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DJ Lucas dj_me at
Fri Nov 15 12:16:17 PST 2002

Condon Thomas A KPWA wrote:
> DJ,
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>> From: DJ Lucas [mailto:dj_me at]
>> Thomas, I can't remeber the fix exactly...but it had to do with the
>> boot.b file IIRC.  Try a search on the archives for boot.b  I
>> think you
>> simply have to remove this line..but may have to go as far as
>> re-installing lilo.  If no replies by this evening...I'll find it for
>> ya.
> As best I can tell, with the main LFS server down the archives are not
> available.  Unless they exist somewhere I don't know of.
> Removing the "install=/boot/boot.b" line from the RH boot lilo.conf
> file and running "/sbin/lilo -v" again did make it able to run
> "/sbin/lilo -v" from the SuSE boot without this error.
> Tom
Are you using one common /boot partion?  If so, you need to rm or mv the
boot.b, and map files. After this is done, get rid of the map= and boot=
lines in lilo.conf, choose a version to use and re-install it
(preferably on all three OSes).  If not one common /boot partion, then
you need to do this for each os that you intend to install the new lilo
on.  Then run /sbin/lilo.  A new map file will be created and hopefully
no more error with "first boot sector...."

Take a look at
for a bit of reference.


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