building LFS... errors when trying to configure Bash

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Thu Nov 14 14:59:59 PST 2002

[14.11.2002] Bill Maltby - LFS Related <-- :
> Can you make your mailer wrap arounf column 72 - 76? It helps
> readabilty for us text-based MUA users. Thanks.

Please note, it is 72 for good reason:
1. default quoting characters are "> " (greater, space)
2. means, each quote level adds 2 characters to your max. 72 chars
3. means how much quote levels without breaking the 80 char limit?

4. if you exeede the quote levels and with it the 80 char limit
   you cut between the > characters, like this ">>>>>> first text"
5. but you do not attach quoted text without a space like I saw now:

> >Ok well im following
> >/usr/lib/libcurses.a(lib_tparm.o): In function `tparm':
> >lib_tparm.o(.text+0xbd0): undefined reference to `__divsi3'
> ><snip>

It helps readability for all those who are disabled ;)) ok?
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