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>Ok well im following the exact instructions from the latest LFS book with the exception of not including the creation of a new partition and filesystem.The reason being im trying to build the lfs next to an existing system. I went on to "Mounting the new partion" to create the /mnt/lfs directory, mount it using "mount /dev/hdb2/ /mnt/lfs". I made the static dir, and followed all in "Install all software as an unprivilgded user". Then i go on to install bash & find that libcurses.a is missing. So I install the newest ncurses that came with the LFS 4.0 tarbel. Now both files, libcurses.a and libncurses.a, are in there. I follow the commands to configure Bash and get this error shortly after "make install"...
>/usr/lib/libcurses.a(lib_tparm.o): In function `tparm':
>lib_tparm.o(.text+0xbd0): undefined reference to `__divsi3'

>Does anyone know where I can read up on how to fix this or perhaps give me a simple solution? I'm hoping theres a "simple" one. =) i did a search and the closest thing i came to that problem was on
> I get an "undefined reference" to one of these: __divsi3,__modsi3,__udivsi3,__umodsi3. Why?
>The library libgcc.a is either not getting properly linked with your project or it is an incorrect version.

Why do you think that? You are aware, aren't you, that code is written
with certain libraries in mind? If you use the source that is intended for
use with LFS 4.0 *created* libraries before the *corresponding* libraries
are made, you could receive these errors.

IOW, the libraries in your *host* platform are *not* suitable for use with
the version of ncurses you used. That ncurses has references to entry
points that are not in your host libraries.

Simple solution? So as the book sais early and install the ncurses that is
for your host system (id not installed) and then add the symlinks as
instructed. *Then* begin the build of chapter 5 stuff.

>If anyone could help me out here I would really appreciate that. Also I'm not on the mailing list so can you add me to the CC  email: solo-8 at

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