CVS INSTALL (resynching to the start of Chap 6)

Tushar T tush at
Thu Nov 14 07:18:33 PST 2002

Jasper Stein wrote:

> Trouble is, a number of packages later (sorry, don't recall which 
> exactly) bison was needed to process some file, but it failed with (I 
> think) an 'ambiguous grammar' error or something like that. Bison-1.35 
> (which I installed thereafter) had no problems on this file.

Most of the problems are easy to fix (usually a missing semi-colon). The 
error reporting is verbose enough to determine what needs to be done.

> (BTW, to me this says that either bison-1.35 is faulty, processing a 
> corrupt file, or bison-1.75 is faulty, not processing a valid file. 
> How do I decide which is the case, me not knowing bison?)

Figure it out this way: If the problematic file is fixed, will it 
compile with both bison-1.75 and bison-1.35? If it does, bison-1.35 is 
linent in accepting invalid code. If it does not, there is a bug in 
bison-1.75 that should be reported.

Tushar Teredesai
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