unresolved symbols in sis900.o

Bill Maltby - LFS Related lfsbill at wlmcs.com
Thu Nov 14 07:15:33 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Niels Burmeister wrote:
>Hi, I managed to built my own lfs but met the folloxing problem:
>during first boot my network chip was unknown to the kernel, I am using a
>sis900 onboard-Lan chip, which is found and used by my host system (Mandrake
>I have built the appropriate NIC-driver as a module and in a second try
>directly into the kernel during kernel-built, neither worked. When I did:
>insmod sis900, i received several of the following error:
>/lib/moduls/2.4.19/kernel/drivers/net/sis900.o: unresolved sysmbol
>I also tried to use the sis900 module from my host system with same result,
>has anyone a good idea to help me out?

First, I would go back and compile in the driver. Using drivers from
another kernel version is iffy - there is *some* leeway to do it, but the
problem is that (as you have seen) some entry points needed by the
"foreign" module may not be on your system.

The reason I would start with compiled in is that usually your ethernet is
usually always active and is therefore a good candidate for inclusion in
the kernel. Then, after boot, check /var/log/sys.log and kern.log and see
if your card was detected, what IRQ's it used and so forth. If it is
detected, there is a chance the problem is not with the driver.

Regardless, some lines from the logs and any additional observations
posted here may help some more experienced folks help you.

If it is not detected and you want to try the "foreign" module, you'll
need to turn versioning support in the loadable modules section of the
kernel configuration.

You'll probably also want to add a line to the /etc/modules.conf like

    alias eth0 sis900

There are other possible params for I/O port, IRQ, io address (for shared
memory) and so forth. Depending on whether the NIC (network interface
card) is "hard configured" with certain IOP/IRQ/memory-range or is PnP and
how the BIOS handles it, this can get "hairy".

Man modules.conf - but without experience (I'm still getting it there) it
can be "murky".



Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

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