CVS INSTALL (resynching to the start of Chap 6)

Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at
Thu Nov 14 03:50:34 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Jasper Stein wrote:

> Trouble is, a number of packages later (sorry, don't recall which
> exactly) bison was needed to process some file, but it failed with (I
> think) an 'ambiguous grammar' error or something like that. Bison-1.35
> (which I installed thereafter) had no problems on this file.

I believe this has come up before also, and IIRC, the essence is that
the bison people are doing the same strategy as the gcc crew: With
every new version, some stuff which is not legal but has been accepted
hitherto is declared erroneous. It would then be up to the maintainers
of the package using bison to change their outdated syntax to the
official one.

(With some badly maintained packages this is actually a problem. E.g.
when I tried to compile depot

bison-1.35 barfed at me with a syntax error (do not remember the exact
details). The only solution I found was to install the good ol'
original yacc on my system; using yacc, depot compiled without


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