CVS INSTALL (resynching to the start of Chap 6)

Jasper Stein jasper at
Thu Nov 14 02:04:20 PST 2002

> The latest version of bison depends on m4, so you must build m4 first

Yes, but this doesn't help much. I tried bison-1.75 (instead of 1.35) 
which failed due to m4 not being available yet. So I statically compiled 
m4 and put it in /static, and then bison-1.75 compiled.

Trouble is, a number of packages later (sorry, don't recall which 
exactly) bison was needed to process some file, but it failed with (I 
think) an 'ambiguous grammar' error or something like that. Bison-1.35 
(which I installed thereafter) had no problems on this file.

So. Use bison-1.75 only if you know Bison.

(BTW, to me this says that either bison-1.35 is faulty, processing a 
corrupt file, or bison-1.75 is faulty, not processing a valid file. How 
do I decide which is the case, me not knowing bison?)

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