CVS INSTALL (resynching to the start of Chap 6)

Chris Lingard chris at
Thu Nov 14 01:48:05 PST 2002

Brian Auld wrote:

> I'm still having problems getting Bison to work.
> I want to scrap Chap 6 work so far and start again from the beginning of
> this chapter.
> I'm very comfortable with the work I did for Chapter 5 and don't want to
> waste another
> second of my time venturing back into that Chapter.
> Soooooo .... I deleted everything from /mnt/lfs except for /static. I
> justed restarted
> Chapter 6 and am waiting for glibc to build as I write this note.
> If there are any caveats in this 'shortcut' I took to start again from the
> beginning of
> chapter 6, please let me know.

You can build chapter 6 as many times as you like.

> This will probably be my last post on this thread ... as I will start yet
> another thread
> if Chapter 6 doesn't cooperate again.

You have lost the directory structure that you make at thae start, so
just repeat the commands that make the directories.

The latest version of bison depends on m4, so you must build m4 first

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