Source Removal after ch9?

chris.danx chris.danx at
Wed Nov 13 09:48:25 PST 2002

Archaic wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 04:16:26PM +0000, chris.danx wrote:
> >I've removed every source directory except the linux sources and
> >mod-utils, and did
> You could have removed them as well.

ok, will do!

> >tar -cvpf lfs-backup.tar *
> >
> >from /mnt/lfs and am now bzip2'ing it.  I was gonna copy the .tar.bz2
> >file to suse, format the lfs partition and extract the .tar.bz2 file
> >over it.  Will that make all the files on /mnt/lfs more or less
> >contiguous?  That's my primary reason for doing it, but I also want to
> >see if the inode problem goes away.
> Yes, that will fix the contiguousness. But are you sure everything got
> backed up including .hidden files?

I did tar -cvp lfs-backup.tar * in $LFS, is that enough to include the 
hidden files?

> Also, once you are confidant in the
> backup tarball, md5sum it and make sure the copy is the same, then use
> the -c option to mke2fs to check for badblocks and remake the 
> partition before untarring the backup there. That should fix the inode 
> problem. 

Ok, will do.

> Of course, you need to make sure that the fs is getting unmounted 
> properly first.

How do I make sure of that?

> >[oh, the bz2 is finished :)  The drive is 340Megs compressed!  With
> >untarred sources and obj files it was 1.5Gbs untarred and 1.1Gbs tarred]
> Cut out the /static dir and the linux source before tarring and you 
> will save a lot of space and time.


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