Source Removal after ch9?

Archaic archaic at
Wed Nov 13 09:24:38 PST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 04:16:26PM +0000, chris.danx wrote:
> I've removed every source directory except the linux sources and 
> mod-utils, and did

You could have removed them as well.

> tar -cvpf lfs-backup.tar *
> from /mnt/lfs and am now bzip2'ing it.  I was gonna copy the .tar.bz2 
> file to suse, format the lfs partition and extract the .tar.bz2 file 
> over it.  Will that make all the files on /mnt/lfs more or less 
> contiguous?  That's my primary reason for doing it, but I also want to 
> see if the inode problem goes away.

Yes, that will fix the contiguousness. But are you sure everything got
backed up including .hidden files? Also, once you are confidant in the
backup tarball, md5sum it and make sure the copy is the same, then use
the -c option to mke2fs to check for badblocks and remake the partition
before untarring the backup there. That should fix the inode problem. Of
course, you need to make sure that the fs is getting unmounted properly

> [oh, the bz2 is finished :)  The drive is 340Megs compressed!  With 
> untarred sources and obj files it was 1.5Gbs untarred and 1.1Gbs tarred]

Cut out the /static dir and the linux source before tarring and you will
save a lot of space and time.


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