Source Removal after ch9?

chris.danx chris.danx at
Wed Nov 13 08:16:26 PST 2002

Bill Maltby - LFS Related wrote:

> And just as a note, I remove each source directory immediately after a
> successful install of that package, *except* for the linux sources. 

I was doing that, but then realised I should wait until the end and see 
what happened, and went back and installed some packages over (which 
seems to have caused a bit of fragmentation on the partition, because 
the libs built after filled the spaces the sources left and it's all a 
bit messed up).  Right now I'm having a problem with my lfs partition so 
perhaps I goofed up somewhere.  It complains about inode count being 16 
when it should be 17 (all the flippin time).  It fixes it, then goes on 
about it's business then when I reboot it moans again. :(

I unmounted the partition from suse, did "fsck -c -f -v /dev/hdb4", then 
found on SuSE fsck found the same error.  It has fixed it, but I haven't 
rebooted yet.  Could it be a bad block?

I've removed every source directory except the linux sources and 
mod-utils, and did

tar -cvpf lfs-backup.tar *

from /mnt/lfs and am now bzip2'ing it.  I was gonna copy the .tar.bz2 
file to suse, format the lfs partition and extract the .tar.bz2 file 
over it.  Will that make all the files on /mnt/lfs more or less 
contiguous?  That's my primary reason for doing it, but I also want to 
see if the inode problem goes away.

[oh, the bz2 is finished :)  The drive is 340Megs compressed!  With 
untarred sources and obj files it was 1.5Gbs untarred and 1.1Gbs tarred]

Could the inode problem be connected to another report fsck gives?  It 
says the lfs partition wasn't cleanly umounted after reboot and does an 
fsck (reboot from SuSE; where the partition is still mounted on boot, 
could suse be umounting it improperly?).  Why is that?

> He, he! I just thought - high confidence is when I make most of my
> mistakes!  :-/

Isn't it always :)


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