OK, I'm Lost II

John Lowell johnlowell at ameritech.net
Tue Nov 12 19:09:03 PST 2002

Friends Bill Malby, Allen Parker, Tim van der Molen & Ken Anderson,

The requirements of some Windows 98SE difficulties over the weekend and 
trouble with a tooth over the last two days now behind me, I've made an 
exhaustive analysis of the Linux From Scratch problems about which we've 
corresponded recently and have narrowed them all down to one cause: It's God 
punishing me. :-)

More seriously, after thinking about your various suggestions, I've decided to 
start over again, taking the line of least resistance by leaving Mandrake 9.0 
on the machine after having first deleted (1) the unpriviledged user account 
and (2) the hda7 partition which had been expected to receive the new 
installation. These steps will return me to a pristine condition, of course, 
and I'll be able to embark once again. I'm assuming that I'm to save each of 
my sessions either as root or unpriviledged user once it has been recreated. 
I have little doubt that you'll be hearing from me again.

John Lowell 
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