Apology for OT post

Bryan Breen Bryan.C.Breen.1 at gsfc.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 12 18:17:54 PST 2002

At 15:51 11/12/02 -0500, Ken Anderson wrote:
>For dealing with future OT posters, i suggest a simple solution, just
ignore the mail....

When a message is posted to half a dozen or more support lists, it becomes
*very* confusing for both the original poster and those who wish to
actually help him/her follow the discussion threads that ensue. A prefect
solution might appear on one thread, but it might not be seen on another
one, and thus people are asking and suggesting things to a problem that
could have already been solved.

When a person posts to multiple lists, it actually hurts, not improves, the
quality of responses they will get, due to the confusion that is guaranteed
to follow.

Just ignoring the message is clearly not a solution, as you highlight

>I did post my questions on lfs-chat as someone had mentioned but i dont
think any of you know the answer...

If a poster's message is ignored, that only leads them to believe that they
have not posted to a broad enough of an audience. And then you get the
massive cross-posting errors, just like the one you are making apologetic
references to.

If a message receives no immediate responses, it could just be due to your
posted problem actually being a complex issue requiring some research
(wouldn't it be nice if nobody ever posted "gosh I'm an idiot and I forgot
how to do xxx" type posts... but even the best of us forget simple stuff...
and the fools like myself forget a LOT of simple stuff, so those will
always be around, and in now way am I saying they are bad). But if your
question doesn't get a response for several days/weeks, then perhaps it was
too vague or general. Perhaps you could follow it up with more information?
Such as what steps you have tried on your own since the problem was
encountered... If nothing else, it helps others rule out the steps you have
already tried.

>...you will not see any more posts from me at all. I am done with LFS, i
am doing my own LVR kinda thing.

If all you have gained from this experience is the opinion that LFS users
are cranky about their "rules of posting", you are going to have a hard
time no matter what learning path you attempt to follow. The only way to
learn beyond personal trial and error and reading of pre-documented
accounts and instructions from others (manuals, readmes, etc...) is by
clearly and concisely stating the question/problem you are having. When you
raise a *very* general question, to a *very* large audience, you are going
to get, at best, *very* general, and quite expectedly "harsh" responses,
not the least of which is the warranted: "RTFM" statement.

- Bryan
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