Apology for OT post

Ken Anderson mildseven at linuxmail.org
Tue Nov 12 12:51:24 PST 2002

First of all, my sincere apologies for sending an off topic mail. I am very interested in linux and also very eager to learn. I guess thats why i got carried away and disregarded a few rules. I honestly didnt think i would piss off so many people. 

For dealing with future OT posters, i suggest a simple solution, just ignore the mail, disregard it as so many of the people here have done. You will have no problem with bandwidth, or atleast less than when 10 jokers reply to an OT mail, and u will also discourage such practice.

I guess its not for everyone to understand.

I did post my questions on lfs-chat as someone had mentioned but i dont think any of you know the answer. I will find it for myself. if you do though, please go to lfs-chat and check for subject "glibc alternatives".

You will not only not see any OT posts from me, but you will not see any more posts from me at all. I am done with LFS, i am doing my own LVR kinda thing. you guys have fun.

I will hang around long enough to see if any idiot replies to this mail though :-)

good luck

Thanks to Rui F for helping me out, appreciate it.
and also Tushar. Thanks dost


geekiest line i have ever seen

Ken Anderson -> /dev/null

f****** DYKE, get a life

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