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> > >Of course the counter is data! But what happens when the counters address
> > > is in the code segment? Will the code segment be swapped or will it be
> > > dropped out of memory and later re-read from filesystem?
> > Anything that is dynamic is part of data, and that includes pointers.
>No here's an example in pseudo assembler (as my ast assembler experience was
>on 16bit machines):
>mov ip,bx
>jump [bx+128]
>mov [bx+64],ax
>inc ax
>mov ax,[bx+64]
>As you can seem we make a jump over the pointer and then increase the pointer
>that is somewhere at the nop's.
>All this can be in the code segment - no need for pointers.
>As I remeber that was the general solutions for .com-files in DOS as these
>files have limited segment sizes and amounts. (I think only one 64k code
>segment, no data segments; but this was quite long ago.)

Well, on 32-bit machines it is common that the code segment is not 
writeable. (It's just because real computers are not strictly of a von 
Neumann architecture). Even Win32 does that.

Hope it clears a bit,

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