problem building bash

Rory Cantwell rorus69 at
Mon Nov 11 20:37:46 PST 2002

Im something of a newbe with linux so pls bear with me.  I thought LFS 
sounded like a great way to learn how Linux works but im having problems 
building the sofware on my computer.  My computer is a pentium 3 running 
asp-linux 7.3, which is really similar to red-hat 7.3 apparently.  I 
downloaded the LFS 4.0 book and packages.  I got as far as untarring and 
attempting to build the bash-2.05 package.  I had followed all the steps 
described in the 4.0.pdf book, but when I entered the configure command it 
failed with an error. The first thing I checked was that I was logged in as 
'lfs' and I was in the correct directory.  I cant for the life of me figure 
out what ive done wrong, but its probably something obvious :-) my being a 
newbe and all.  Can anyone help? Below is the text from the terminal after 
the configure script failed:

bash-2.05a$ ls
aclocal.m4    copy_cmd.c     jobs.c        redir.h
alias.c       COPYING        jobs.h        shell.c
alias.h       cross-build    lib           shell.h
array.c       CWRU           list.c        sig.c
arrayfunc.c   dispose_cmd.c  locale.c      sig.h
arrayfunc.h   dispose_cmd.h  mailcheck.c   siglist.c
array.h       doc            mailcheck.h   siglist.h
AUTHORS       error.c        make_cmd.c    stringlib.c
bashansi.h    error.h        make_cmd.h    subst.c
bashhist.c    eval.c   subst.h
bashhist.h    examples       MANIFEST      support
bashintl.h    execute_cmd.c  mksyntax.c    syntax.h
bashjmp.h     execute_cmd.h  NEWS          test.c
bashline.c    expr.c         nojobs.c      test.h
bashline.h    externs.h      NOTES         tests
bashtypes.h   findcmd.c      parser-built  trap.c
bracecomp.c   findcmd.h      parser.h      trap.h
braces.c      flags.c        parse.y       unwind_prot.c
builtins      flags.h        patchlevel.h  unwind_prot.h
builtins.h    general.c      pathexp.c     variables.c
CHANGES       general.h      pathexp.h     variables.h
command.h     hashcmd.c      pathnames.h   version.c
COMPAT        hashcmd.h      pcomplete.c   xmalloc.c
config-bot.h  hashlib.c      pcomplete.h   xmalloc.h   hashlib.h      pcomplib.c    Y2K
config-top.h  include        print_cmd.c
configure     input.c        quit.h  input.h        README
conftypes.h   INSTALL        redir.c

bash-2.05a$ ./configure --enable-static-link \
>              --prefix=/mnt/lfs/static --with-curses &&
>make &&
>make install
./configure: conf1478.file: No such file or directory
./configure: config.log: No such file or directory


The files mentioned really dont seem to exist.  What happened to them? Were 
they included? Thanks in advance


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