LFS 4.0 bootup problems

The Cheeze Cheeziologist at attbi.com
Mon Nov 11 19:17:13 PST 2002

Hi guys. First I'd like to say thanks for putting out this book and
maintaining this support list. Some background: My machine is an amd
k6-2 500mhz w/ 384 ram and /dev/hda5 is a 128 mb partition for swap.
/dev/hda5 is approximately 4 gigs and is currently ext2 as per the the
book version 4.0. My base system that I installed from is Chris
Lingard's bootable LFS 4.0 CD.
	That being said here is my problem when I boot up two things
fail. The first is "swapon: /dev/hda5: Invalid argument". It goes on to
say "...an unforseen error took place in /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S10swap,
which exited with a return value of 255"
	The second is "SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable". That goes on
to say "...an unforseen error took place in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S20network,
which exited with a return value of 7"
	There are three things to note that I found interesting:
1) I couldn't run lilo outside of chroot. Running lilo -C
/mnt/lfs/etc/lilo.conf  or running lilo -C /mnt/lfs/etc/lilo.conf -b
/dev/hda  both always give "Fatal: geo_query_dev HDIO_GETGEO (dev
0x1600): Invalid argument" I did run lilo inside chroot (like the book
doesn't suggest) and it worked but displayed a warning that said
something to the tune of two different hex addresses giving two
different block counts or something like that.

2) Although there is an error booting the network script, running
ifconfig shows everything set up like it should be

3) When logging in as root when booting from the lfs system the command
prompt doesn't read "root:<directory>#" as I would think it should but
instead reads "Bash2.05a#" no matter what directory.

If you need me to send any of the files on the computer just let me
know. I am eager for any help I can get. Thanks!

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