Error Installing GCC-3.2

Grant Leslie grantl at
Mon Nov 11 19:14:19 PST 2002

Federico Caminos wrote:

> When I try to install the patches I get the following
> errors.
> can't find file to patch at input line 11
> Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?

Ok, first off, the error is telling, if you know what the -p option
means. -p0 means you are in the directory just above the those you wish
to patch, so patch will see this line..

|diff -uNr gcc-3.2.orig/gcc/calls.c

and look for the directory gcc-3.2 in the current directory

However, when using -p1 ( as in the patch directions in the book ) patch
will assume gcc-3.2 is _already_ the currect working directory, and look
for gcc there..

Therefore, ( to make a long story short), whenever applying any of the
patches in the book, cd into the new directory created after extracting
the source tarball. ie..
tar xvfj gcc-3.2.tar.bz2
cd gcc-3.2
and then apply the patch from here..
patch -Np1 < ../gcc-3.2.patch
Patch should be able to find the proper files to patch this way.

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