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Ken Anderson mildseven at
Mon Nov 11 17:52:56 PST 2002

Hi everyone,

I am using LFS for a project at school. Using old computers (100s of 486 - P133 lying around) to create basic workstations. Something in between RH 8.0 and embedded linux.  I am planning to use linux 2.2.22, X 3.3.6 and for C library . . . thats where the questions arise.

What exactly is the function of glibc or uclibc? I did a bit of reading about it but since there are quite a few experienced people on the list, I am hoping to learn something i missed out.

uclibc (unlike dietlibc) seems to support all the basic lfs and even a few blfs packages.
i can compile uclibc and then compile all the other applications, util linux, sh utils, sed, bzip2 . . . etc which will give me a basic system based on uclibc but after that can i install xf86 or other things on top of it. 

in other words

when i am compiling something that needs the basic applications, (lets assume libbz2,libpng . .), will it complain if glibc isnt present or will it only look fo commands and libraries it needs.

and finally, is there a way to trim down glibc and not replace it. 

Any suggestions on this, anything more than the answers to the above questions are more than welcome.


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