error compiling kernel - stdarg.h

luis jure luisjure at
Sun Nov 10 12:58:14 PST 2002

el Sun, 10 Nov 2002 14:59:26 -0400
"Grant Leslie" <grantl at> escribió:

> Try rm -r the linux source, and then re-extract it a new from the
> tarball.

thanks for your suggestions. that was in fact the first thing i tried, i
must have done that half a dozen times by now... :-( 
i am pessimistic really, i think that whatever may be happening i won't be
able to discover it, and i'll have to erase everything and begin again... 
but i don't want to do that, i'm tired really, i've been working a lot in
this, if i had to reinstall everything i could do it in a few hours because
i have everything in scripts, but i'd like to know at least what's



( sorry to sound weary and depressed... :-( )
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