LFS Book Chapter 6 - 1st step (chroot to /mnt/lfs) doens't work

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Sun Nov 10 11:10:57 PST 2002

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On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Brian Auld wrote:
>      LFS Book Chapter 6 - 1st step (chroot to /mnt/lfs) doens't work  ( post #1) 

>The basic problem is the first step I take in chapter 6: 'chroot'
>to /mnt/lfs doens't appear to work. I'm not that experienced with the chroot command, but I figure after performing the command, your shell will interpret your new root as the NEWROOT specified in your command. In other works, after doing a 'chroot /mnt/lfs ..', if you 'cd' to '/' you should actually be where '/mnt/lfs' was before you chrooted.
>The problem I'm having is that after performing the chroot, my '/' is still where it originally was. Thus, all the subsequent commands in the instructions don't work because the '/' given in the command is with respect to the chrooted environment (i.e. old '/mnt/lfs') ... and it appears I haven't successfully chrooted, so the instructions as posted no longer work.
>I considered modifying the commands subsequent to the chroot command to treat /mnt/lfs as my '/', but I figured I should find out why this happened instead.
>Any pointers, advice would be appreciated.

Are you root user when you do the chroot? Must be to do it.
Make sure $LFS shows /mnt/lfs or whaterver just before you do it.
Make sure that you say

  chroot $LFS

and not 

  chroot LFS

or something like that.

Make sure $LFS is really mounted before you do the chroot.

You can try the command parameters one at a time until you foind the
problem. For example

   chroot $LFS # Then do the ls / thing. If it broke already, see why.
               # Exit chroot environment and do the next.
   chroot $LFS ... # Next parameter *set*, repeat.

>I looked for some other posts regarding chroot problems and ran the ldd command as suggested in another post. The response was "not a dynamic executable" which was not surprising because I pretty much followed the LFS book instructions to a 'T'.
>p.s. I'm really eager to get an LFS system up and running, so I'm hoping for some help here ... otherwise I'll be forced to abandon once again. 
>p.p.s. I'm running from RH7.2. All linux partitions are ext3 except /mnt/lfs which was created with the mke2fs command as detailed in the instructions. Don't see why this would affect chroot, but felt it was some configuration info I should include in the post.

Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

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