LFS Book Chapter 6 - 1st step (chroot to /mnt/lfs) doens't work

Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 10 10:34:58 PST 2002

>From: "Brian Auld" <brian_auld at hotmail.com>

>The basic problem is the first step I take in chapter 6: 'chroot'
>to /mnt/lfs doens't appear to work. I'm not that experienced with the 
>chroot command, but I figure after performing the command, your shell will 
>interpret your new root as the NEWROOT specified in your command. In other 
>works, after doing a 'chroot /mnt/lfs ..', if you 'cd' to '/' you should 
>actually be where '/mnt/lfs' was before you chrooted.

I'm confused (but I'm not a native english speaker)
Simple test:
After chroot do a cd /mnt/lfs
If it exists then something is really wrong :(
if it doesn't (like it's supposed to) then you're ok
chroot should spit out an error if it failed, or did it?

Rui Ferreira (another newbie :)

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