LFS Book Chapter 6 - 1st step (chroot to /mnt/lfs) doens't work

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Sun Nov 10 09:50:42 PST 2002

      LFS Book Chapter 6 - 1st step (chroot to /mnt/lfs) doens't work  ( post #1) 


I posted this question first at linuxquestions.org and then discovered the mailing lists .... signed up figuring I'd get more targetted LFS knowledge and support. 

6 months or so back I installed LFS 3.1. Everything was cool until I reached the point where I couldn't get networking to work.

Here I am 6 months later ... and I figured I'd just start again from 'scratch'. I downloaded the cvs packages and got started. I've tried a couple iterations and am bombing at the same spot,at least diverging from the instructions in the book.

The basic problem is the first step I take in chapter 6: 'chroot'
to /mnt/lfs doens't appear to work. I'm not that experienced with the chroot command, but I figure after performing the command, your shell will interpret your new root as the NEWROOT specified in your command. In other works, after doing a 'chroot /mnt/lfs ..', if you 'cd' to '/' you should actually be where '/mnt/lfs' was before you chrooted.

The problem I'm having is that after performing the chroot, my '/' is still where it originally was. Thus, all the subsequent commands in the instructions don't work because the '/' given in the command is with respect to the chrooted environment (i.e. old '/mnt/lfs') ... and it appears I haven't successfully chrooted, so the instructions as posted no longer work.

I considered modifying the commands subsequent to the chroot command to treat /mnt/lfs as my '/', but I figured I should find out why this happened instead.

Any pointers, advice would be appreciated.

I looked for some other posts regarding chroot problems and ran the ldd command as suggested in another post. The response was "not a dynamic executable" which was not surprising because I pretty much followed the LFS book instructions to a 'T'.


p.s. I'm really eager to get an LFS system up and running, so I'm hoping for some help here ... otherwise I'll be forced to abandon once again. 

p.p.s. I'm running from RH7.2. All linux partitions are ext3 except /mnt/lfs which was created with the mke2fs command as detailed in the instructions. Don't see why this would affect chroot, but felt it was some configuration info I should include in the post.

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