Slackware 8.1 & Gcc 3.2 Problems..

Latini Sandro smanet at
Sun Nov 10 05:41:44 PST 2002


I was trying to configure Gcc-3.2 static on my slackware 8.1 and after i
done configure i saw these error:

*** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories:

     target-libstdc++-v3 target-libf2c target-libffi target-boehm-gc
target-zlib target-libjava zlib fastjar target-libobjc

    (Any other directories should still work fine.)

Links are now set up to build a native compiler for i686-pc-linux-gnu


Anyone can explain me this? I tried to compile anyway the package and i
got the executables without problems, but i don't know if i'll got some
problems later.

I hope no:)


Thanks to support me:) 



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