flex 2.5.4a and gcc3.2 bad combo?

Jim Gifford jim at jg555.com
Sat Nov 9 21:14:33 PST 2002

Can you give a more specific example?? It may be a bison (in yacc mode)

"Gregory Davis" <GregDavis at umbc.edu> wrote in message
news:aqkjkc$orb$1 at quasar.highos.com...
> I am wondering if anyone else is having problems with the LFS 4.0 flex and
> gcc versions.  I seem to be having a lot of programs failing due to random
> (f)lex generated code.  Some examples:  KTH Kerberos 4, Kopete's icq_new
> plugin, ttmkfdir2.  So far the errors usually deal with previous
> declarations of yy_something functions in some other header file.  Is this
> just my imagination, flex misbehaving/misconforming, these programs being
> out of date, or them just not modern enough for gcc 3.2?  I have never
> compiled them with gcc 2.95 to know the difference.  I am gonna try to
> recompile flex without any optimizations to see if that makes a
> Thanks,
> Greg

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