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Sat Nov 9 04:20:57 PST 2002

On Sat, 9 Nov 2002, John Lowell wrote:

>Ken, Tim & Allen,
>If the fact that I'm replying to you from my own message seems odd, its 
>because I've switched machines to communicate and have only my inbox copy of 
>my lastest message to work with on this one. Anyway, something is very wrong 
>here. I'm getting "no such directory" messages everywhere I turn. First, I 
>discovered that hda7, the partition I'll be installing into, /mnt/lfs as it 
>were, wasn't mounted, so I mounted it initially running
>mkdir -p /mnt/lfs
>and then
>mount /devhda7 /mnt/lfs
>That done, I executed 
>export LFS=/mnt/lfs
>to make use of the environmental variable. Since I'd already created the 
>unpriviledged user account called lfs, as root I ran 
>chown -R lfs $LFS/static
>and got back a no such directory message. Even attempts to get things back to 
>the point we were discussing earlier are problemed now! It wasn't this fouled 
>up the first time. Clearly, I've done something traumatic here, perhaps 
>before I wrote the list originally when I deleted and subsequently recreated 
>the unpriviledged to get a clean start. Some clean, eh? God, I don't know. 
>Unless you folks can extract me from this problem simply at this point, I'd 
>be apt to start all over, reinstall Mandrake, recreate the lfs partition, 
>etc. But I'm not going to quit. I'm going to learn this if it takes five 

Since I am awake, I have a possible explanation for you. Was hda7 mounted
when you created the stuff last? If not, it may be there but be hidden by
the mounted hda7 (that is the effect of a mount - it "hides" everything
under its mount point). Try unmounting /mnt/hda7 and doing an ls on the
/mnt/hda7. If the stuff is there, you have an easy recovery.

Make another mount point (maybe /mnt/temp), mount hda7 on it. Then 

   cd /mnt/hda7
   mv * /mnt/temp
   ls -al

If the last command shows any "hidden" files (names starting with ".",
excluding "." and ".."), move them by using the same move command as
above, but replacing the "*" with the names found.

   umount /mnt/hda7
   cd /mnt
   rmdir temp

At this point you can mount hda7 normally and begin anew your recent

After reading your other posts, I have two tips. Avoid doing highly
complex technical learning tasks "after finishing up Friday evening's
entertainmaint". Do it *before! :))

Second, don't use "Tim" and "Allen" in close proximity to each other. It
puts me in mind of "Tooltime". ;)


>John Lowell

Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

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