glibc questions

luis jure luisjure at
Fri Nov 8 04:30:29 PST 2002

i completed lfs 4.0 and booted into it (not for sending this message, don't
have e-mail yet, all the rest seems to work fine so far). i have a few
questions regarding glibc that will easily reveal my ignorance:

1) if i wanted to redo the build and install of glibc-2.2.5 (change the
locales definition or whatever):
   a) should i use the same commands from the book i used the first time
when building in the chroot'ed environment, or should there be any changes?
   b) any other things i should rebuild/reinstall after that?
   c) any special aspects i should take care of before/during/after

2) if i wanted to change to/add glibc-2.3:
   a) is it possible?
   b) is it convenient?
   c) how can it be done?

3) similar to above, if i wanted to wipe everything and build afresh but
using glibc-2.3 instead of glibc-2.2.5:
   a) should the commands given in the book change?
   b) which other packages should also be substituted?

please excuse that these are a lot of questions not "a few" as i said at
the beginning. needless to say, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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