glibc 2.3.1

Argux argux at
Thu Nov 7 23:11:14 PST 2002

Subscribe to LFS-dev mailing list for a while, and check it's archives for 
glibc-2.3.   There are several approaches to doing this, the LFS guys haven't 
decided which to go with.
For what it's worth I am running a sucessful LFS 4+(cvs-late october) with 
gcc-3.2.1(cvs) with glibc-2.3.1 using Matthias Benkmann's LD_LIBERRY (yes 
thats how it's spelt) patch.  To find out more you do really need to read all 
the lfs-dev archives on this though.
Good Luck!
Cheers, Richard.

Well, thanks for answering, but having read all of the I could in the archive, I've got a doubt:

Everybody is talking about trouble with static binaries and stuff, but I'm already on ch6, so do all the problems of glibc-3.2.x apply to me too? or are they only for people who are on chapter 5? can I compile trouble-freely the 2.3.1 version if I'm using an older glibc and an older gcc?

If I can't, I think I'll better use the 2.2.5 version, cause I still don't feel comfortable enough to make tweaks and hacks all around the code, I wouldn't know what to do if I found problems. I'll go safe until the guys who know find a more or less widely accepted solution...

Unless... are the updates and advantages of the newer 2.3.x version worth all the trouble, or is all the fuzz only because of the thrill of having the latest glibc?

Thanks for your help, lfs-lings!

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