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T.B. van der Molen tbm at home.nl
Thu Nov 7 23:08:18 PST 2002

John Lowell wrote:
> First of all, I hope I'm reaching the Linux From Scratch support mailing list. 
The one and only... :)

> ./configure --enable-static-link \
>      --prefix +$LFS/static --with-curses &&

Don't put a "+" before "$LFS". "$LFS" is replaced by the shell with 
"/mnt/lfs" (without the quotes). If you would put a "+" you get 
"+/mnt/lfs" and such a directory does not exist.

> there are certain unfamiliarities, the > type characters used on the left 
> side of the console screen, for example.

The ">" prompt is an indication that you haved pressed Enter but that 
your command hasn't finished. This is the case when you type "\" or "&&" 
and then press Enter. When your command has finished you'll see the 
usual prompt again.

If you type "\" at the end of (a part of) a command and press Enter, you 
tell the shell that you haven't finished typing your command and want to 
continue to a new line. Consider this, for example:

$ cp foo \
 > bar

which is the same as

$ cp foo bar

In other words, you can use "\" at the end of a line to stretch a single 
command over more lines.

The same applies to "&&". This means: if the command before "&&" was 
processed successfully, continue with the command after "&&".

For example:

$ cp foo bar &&
 > ls bar

which is the same as

$ cp foo bar && ls bar

If the command "cp foo bar" was processed successfully, the shell will 
execute "ls bar". If the cp command failed however, it will quit and 
will not execute whatever comes after "&&".

As with "\", when you type "&&" and press Enter the shell expects more 
to come and shows the ">" prompt.



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