OK, I'm Lost

John Lowell johnlowell at ameritech.net
Fri Nov 8 01:20:31 PST 2002

First of all, I hope I'm reaching the Linux From Scratch support mailing list. 
Second, if I have, in fact, reached that list, perhaps a beginning can be 
made on a impasse I've encountered with the LFS installation.

I'm attempting to install LFS from Mandrake 9.0, having first downloaded and 
printed-out the book, created my /mnt/lfs partition, downloaded the 
appropriate packages to my user Home Directory, created an unpriviledged user 
account and entered all commands to create a suitable environment. The 
impasse occurs when attempting to install Bash. As indicated in the text and 
while Mandrake 9.0 includes libncurses.a, it does not include libcurses.a, so 
I made a symlink as root. Next, as unpriviledged user, I attempted to install 
Bash-2.05a via

./configure --enable-static-link \
     --prefix +$LFS/static --with-curses &&
make &&
make install
but I get back a "no such directory" error. After failing the first time, I 
used userdel to remove the unpriviledged user account so as to have a clean 
second go at it. Sad to say, I reached the same impasse on the second try. 

Now, you should know that I have little experience working from the Linux 
command line and while I feel reasonably certain that I've followed the 
instructions to the letter, a certain doubt haunts my consciousness as I 
write you. It's not that you are dealing with a rank amateur, your not, but 
there are certain unfamiliarities, the > type characters used on the left 
side of the console screen, for example. A lot is unsaid in the instructions 
and one relies on an intuitive sense when moving forward in these cases.

What can you tell me? I'm not willing to quit.

John Lowell  

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