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Thu Nov 7 14:25:27 PST 2002

I am trying to do the same thing and i have a few mails saved from this list, and a few documents i found on the net. but my problem is i dont wanna build a static system, is there anyway u can hook me up with your static build. maybe you can tar/bzip it and upload it somewhere. 

for the rpm, heres a few things that might be helpful

try this site. if it makes any sense, let me know :-)

and heres a mail from luis jure on this list, not long ago

thanks mainly to a message from jeff
johnson i found in the rpm-list. questions regarding rpm seem to be
frequent in this list, and i thought this could be of some interest to
others. so here's a teensy-weensy rpm 4.1 hint for lfs 4.0.

1) since building rpm had been problematic for me in the past, this
time it
was one of the first things i tried to do after finishing lfs 4.0
by the book. i think i only had "which" installed from the
blfs book (the
program, in my case, not the script). i guess that means this really
_should_ work in all cases.

2) the first configure stopped soon complaining about the mktemp
not found. i couldn't find any reference to mktemp in lfs or blfs, so
downloaded and installed it.


after that the configure ran fine. all the rest is pure lfs 4.0

3) all you need is the tarball with the rpm sources; the latest is


this package has its own versions of db and db3, so you don't need a
separate installation for those.

here is the sequence i followed:

tar xzf rpm-4.1.tar.gz

cd rpm-4.1/db/build_unix
../dist/configure --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-debug \

cd rpm-4.1/db3
../db/dist/configure --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-debug \
            --enable-rpc --with-uniquename=_rpmdb --srcdir=$db_dist

cd rpm-4.1
./configure --without-python
make install

that's all. the --without-python is necessary since python is not
in lfs. i guess that if you install it following blfs you could run a
simple ./configure with python as is the default.

i generally use rpm with checkinstall. there's a patch for it that i
is necessary to use it with rpm-4.1, since some things changed from
i applied it and checkinstall and rpm now work perfectly well
together in
my lfs system.

do let me know how it goes. i am very interested.

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> Hi
> Im now ready with the static linked system. but i whant to build it with 
> support for RPM. what do i have to do?
> micha mutschler
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