GCC Compiling problem

Oliver Tupman otupman at dts-workshop.com
Thu Nov 7 10:13:45 PST 2002

Allen Parker wrote:
> Halfway awake, and surprise surprise I am now anti redhat. Since you
> can't build gnu gcc from redhat's gcc, you're screwed if you have
> redhat... at least any distro 7.x+

Interesting - I've managed to get LFS to compile on my Redhat 7.3 Athlon 
box, but it was LFS v3.3. Would this make a big difference?

Bizarrely, I have problems compiling gcc on my Cryix C3 running RH 
7.3... and I'm using exactly the same process as I used for my Athlon 
box. Wierd.

  Oliver Tupman.

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