Is usr/bin/strip a file destroyer?

Allen Parker allenp at
Thu Nov 7 09:20:18 PST 2002


Sh**! I don't know the english word 'truncate', you know. My 
dictionary says it can mean the same like 'mutilate'. That had really 
horrified me. Imagine, compiling for about 40h, looking on screen for 
probable errors every now and then, feeling with my hard disk swapping 
the hell, and than that *shudder*.

What do you geeks associate with 'truncate' according to file

Truncate means that it just cuts the fat, as in cutting the fat from a
steak, in the end you wind up with a leaner, healthier piece of steak.

More accurately, truncate means that something is being removed. The
strip command removes what is unneeded by normal users.

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