Is usr/bin/strip a file destroyer?

Florian Hess (FLoH) hipabos at
Thu Nov 7 08:14:46 PST 2002

Chris Lingard schrieb:

Hi all,

> If you use this command on a running system, then you have probably
> wrecked it.  This is easy to check, does it still run.

what do you mean with "running system"? Both the host and the lfs 
system boot up correctly, I used them a bit could make out no error 
yet. (Fine are the coloured [ OK ]'s in lfs when init runs ;) ).

I have ticks of tidiness sometimes. I consider deleting the backup 
since it is wasting most space of my /home-partition (only 70mb are 
left). Could I regret doing so?

> If you used the books command, using $LFS, then all should be OK. I
> am not sure about the "file truncated" messages without more information
> about files involved

Sh**! I don't know the english word 'truncate', you know. My 
dictionary says it can mean the same like 'mutilate'. That had really 
horrified me. Imagine, compiling for about 40h, looking on screen for 
probable errors every now and then, feeling with my hard disk swapping 
the hell, and than that *shudder*.

What do you geeks associate with 'truncate' according to file processing?


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