Problem with swedish characters in LFS

Henrik Jacobsson henrik.jacobsson.1245 at
Thu Nov 7 02:51:51 PST 2002

Hoping that someone can help me out with this one.
Compiled LFS-3.3 on my trusty 233MHz Pentium some time ago and it's been sitting nicely in a closet serving files and music
ever since.  Recently I decided to set up Postfix and Procmail to use it as a local mail-server and in order to be able to
complete the switch to OSS i installed Mutt as my primary MUA. 

I just can't get Mutt to show me the special swedish characters aa, ae and oo (they got dots over them)
The Bash-prompt allows me to write the characters, Vim lets me enter them, cat'less shows them but Mutt refuses to show them.
Actually, Bash shows them in tab-completion, but in error-messages it shows the same behaviour as Mutt - showing the octal
values instead of the actual letter. (eg. a+circle turns out as \345)
As I don't really understand where the problem resides (I'm a complete novice when it comes to *nices) I'm hesitating to
enclose all my configuration-files (I don't know what settings are relevant).

This is the loadkeys-symlink as of LFS3.3
/usr/share/kbd/keymaps$ -> i386/qwerty/

In ~/.inputrc 
set meta-flag on
set convert-meta off
set output-meta on

Well, if anyone have a clue as of what I've forgotten, please point it out for me.
My humble understanding of Linux is limited and I'm running out of 'keywords' to feed google with ;)
Thanks in advance.. /Henrik

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