iptables Functioning on an LFS built system?? Plus another trick...

Michael mutk at ozemail.com.au
Thu Nov 7 01:27:46 PST 2002

Hi All,

First of all, has anyone managed to have iptables working in an LFS 
installation ? I am sure someone's tried...

Also is there anywhere that carries the hints? I have accessed a 
mirror of LFS site, but it only carries the main html book etc...

Am blundering my way through an LFS system build. It's all going ok, 
appart from the fact that I don't have a hardrive or partition to 
install on. I do not want to shrink my existing partitions, and am in 
the process of aquiring an extra HD.

In the mean time what I have done is created a file, and formatted it 
to contain an ext2 FS, then mounted it on loop back device.


Create the file:
dd if=/dev/zero of=./aFileToHoldFS bs=1024 count 1300000

Format it:
mkfs.ext2 -F aFileToHoldFS

Mount it as per LFS instructions at /mnt/lfs, but use loop back device:
mount -o loop ./aFileToHoldFS /mnt/lfs

 From now on, up until it's time to enable the thing to boot, all 
activities are identical to that in the LFS book.

Once I get the HD, I can cfdisk it, create the filesystem on it, etc. 
Then mount it and copy all that is in the "aFileToHoldFS" to the new HD...

ie If "aFileToHoldFS" is mounted at /mnt/lfs, and my new HD is mounted 
on /mnt/newHD:
cp -a /mnt/lfs /mnt/newHD

I can then continue to do bootloader etc...

Just thought I'd share this with somebody...


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