[RE: LFS without previous linux]

Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Wed Nov 6 19:53:12 PST 2002

> Can anyone help me and suggest any good distribution that runs from a
> and have all the compilers and tools needed to allow me to compile and
> install the base LFS system?

I tried my very personal approach: I created a chapter 05 LFS and burned
this on CD (with some add ons)
So it ist possible to boot from this CD and continue with fdisk, mke2fs,
.. and the compiling chapter 06 to the hard disk.

I am so happy that you posted this.  I asked the same question a few weeks
ago, about making a boot disk with just the chapter 5 static packages, and
using that as a base for the rest of the build.  Have you successfully built
4.0 like this?  Did you follow the hints for making the CD, or did you make it
up on your own?  I would really like some more info on this....

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