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Wed Nov 6 04:54:39 PST 2002

On  06 November 2002, Ladislav Danko wrote:

> i'm not 100% sure, but there might be problems in future 
> because wrong 
> compiler; if there is someone with a lot of experience than please 
> correct me; as far as i know, guys from red hat have used modified 
> compilers for theirs systems;
> i used to have some strange problems with compilation on rh machines 
> (not only with lfs) and after distro had been changed, problems left.
> but, maybe, i'm too purist to clean base system ;)


I haven't that much experience, but I can vouch for problems with the version of gcc that
shipped with RH7.2. It is a 2.6.X release, which was never officially released by GNU. I
had trouble compiling MPlayer (see extract of message ./configure gives when you try to
compile Mplayer on a standard RH 7.2) I upgraded to 3.1 at the time (IIRC I also had to
upgrade glibc) and this is what I used to build LFS, and all went well.

Niel van Niekerk

"#define QUESTION ((bb) || !(bb))"    — Shakespeare 

Extract from text in MPlayer configure script:

Note: gcc 2.96 is RedHat's UNOFFICIAL (it can be found only on RedHat sites, or
in RedHat-based distributions) and BUGGY gcc release. gcc 2.96 is TOTALLY
unsupported by us, because it simply SKIPS or badly compiles some MMX codes!
Important: this is NOT an MPlayer-specific problem, numerous other projects
(DRI, avifile, etc..) have problems with this shit too. DO NOT USE gcc 2.96 !!!
If you don't want to downgrade, use the --disable-gcc-checking option to avoid
this check, but DO NOT SEND BUGREPORTS OR COMPLAIN, it's *YOUR* fault!
Get ready for misterious crashes, no-picture bugs, strange noises... REALLY!

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