LFS without previous linux

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at anciens.enib.fr
Tue Nov 5 17:02:02 PST 2002

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On Wednesday 06 November 2002 00:15, you wrote:
 > I was thinking, and there is a big problem with LFS: you must have some
 > other distribution installed to install it, and i would like to install
 > it in a clean HD without any other system previously installed.

That's a problem I think of. But, eh, if you want to install LFS, you must
have a starting point, that is a minimal and functional system that has a
C-compiler ( provided you can get LFS packages from a source (ftp, cd, nfs,
whatever...) ).
Whether this system is linux, freebsd, os/2 or cygwin, you can't really
start 'from scratch', unless you write yourself a first monitor to your
machine, then the assembler, then a minimalist C-compiler, then a complete
C-compiler ( what else? ;-) )

I think LFS needs a minimalistic system underneath that is provided by eg.
Linux. I'm planning on using whatever OS that has a C-compiler as the source
for the build. A truly interesting work has to be done I think, but that
sounds more for ALFS than for LFS.

What I have in mind at the moment is have a minimalistic system build from
any OS, and that would actually do all the work automatically :
 - build that system based on a tiny frontend such as BusyBox + uClibc,
   the build is done with a script that gets the latest stable/cvs version
   for these tools, and installs it on a floppy.
 - build a minimalistic version of gcc for that sytem, linked against
   uClibc, getting the latest stable/cvs version of the gcc-package,
 - boot that system that is able to automatically (based on scripts) build an
   LFS-chapter-5-conformant environement,
 - go on with an automated (scripts) chapter-6 build.

You could as well skip to chpater 6 without a need for chapter 5 in that case,
I think.

You could select what the target system was (say compile on a faster machine
your are installing to). I for example have a SUN IPX I have no system
installed on. I could install a small distro (Debian, SuSE, RH, Mdk, ...)
and then build LFS in place of it. But that would much much more fun to get
LFS installed from another platform.

But, anyway, that would require an existing OS, whether it be on the disk,
on a CD, on the floppy, booted via tftp on the network, or even on another
computer and another architecture.

 > I think that a good way of doing it is using a linux that runs on CD.
 > But it's hard to find a good and updated one...
 > Can anyone help me and suggest any good distribution that runs from a CD
 > and have all the compilers and tools needed to allow me to compile and
 > install the base LFS system?

Have a look at www.demolinux.org. I like it as a complete 'repair' disk, but
it holds tons of usefull utilities as well. May be worth tryin' out.

Sincerely yours,

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