Book 3.3, Ch. 6, fileutils problem

Tomasz Korycki engine2 at
Tue Nov 5 16:36:57 PST 2002

At 18:44 2002-11-05, you wrote:

>Tomasz Korycki wrote:
> > /bin/sh: /missing: No such file or directory
>This looks to me like a problem with the autoconf or automake on your system..
>Try rebuilding fileutils from a clean extract of the sources, and..

I always use fresh extracts, as a matter of fact I have the whole procedure 
scripted (including chroot'ing and then running from the new / 
instead of shell), and the first few steps of the script pull and 
uncompress fresh sources and a newly created slice, just so I don't cut 

>touch *
>in the build dir first, to prevent autoconf automake from running.

I like that idea... Will try it now and report

>However, first check to see if there are any broken symlinks in the build dir
>If so, goto /usr and look for the automake dir, ie. something like
>I'm guessing there is no symlink named automake in /usr which points to
>automake-1.5 ( or 1.7 etc... )
>ln -s automake-1.5 automake
>in /usr and try building again

Everything is there as expected, I redirect stdout and stderr from the to a file and browsing through it fileutils shows the first 
problem. Didn't check further down, I know it will fail eventually. But let 
me try the touch trick - and report back. It will be about an hour, though...

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