Book 3.3, Ch. 6, fileutils problem

Tomasz Korycki engine2 at
Tue Nov 5 16:30:18 PST 2002

At 18:23 2002-11-05, The Cheeze wrote:
>First let me say that I am not by any stretch a linux guru, but I think
>your problem is that you need a symlink between /bin/sh and /bin/bash.
>The command for that, I believe, is "ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh" without
>the quotes of course.

It's there, functional too, both /bin/bash and /bin/sh (a link). I think 
it's actually sh complaining about being unable to find /missing. No 
wonder, it's not there - AFAIK it has no business being in root in the 
first place... Should I just sed /missing to ./missing?
Tried it, same error.

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