modem ttySX issue

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Tue Nov 5 11:47:58 PST 2002

Jimmy Oliver wrote:

> Redhat is using /dev/ttyS4 to access the modem.  My LFS system has
> ttyS0 - 3 .  ttyS4 is missing.  How do I create this character
> device?  BTW the modem in question is a hardware based USR 5610 so no
> kernel module is needed (I think).  I verified this with lsmod on the
> host system.  Any help here will be appreciated.

take a look at /usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt.  This file is
organized by Major Number of the devices, then Type (Char/Block), then
minor number.  To create the device, use 'mknod /dev/ttys4 $Type $Major#
$Minor#'.  $Type is either 'b' for block devices or 'c' for char devces.
Take a look at that file and all should be clear.  'man mknod' for more

> Thanks,
> -Jimmy


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