Ext3 - OOPS!

luis jure luisjure at multitel.com.uy
Tue Nov 5 11:14:06 PST 2002

i don't know if this is on-topic to this thread, but just in case something
similar happens to someone else, you should also check which version of
e2fsprogs you're using to create the ext3 file system.

i spent the last couple of days building LFS 4.0, using the latest (3.1)
knoppix live cd as a host distro. i used its tools to create an ext3 file
system in the partition destined to lfs. i built all of lfs 4.0 and a few
extras without problems, but when rebooting there was a fatal error when
trying to mount /. in essence the message said that the ext3 file system
had certain features not supported, and suggested getting a newer version
of tune2fs. so i booted knoppix again and chroot'ed into lfs. the problem
was indeed that the file system had been created with a version of
e2fsprogs newer than the one in lfs 4.0 (1.27). i installed a newer version
(1.29, later on i saw it's on the cvs version of the book) and could boot
into lfs without problems.

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