Is usr/bin/strip a file destroyer?

Florian Hess (FLoH) hipabos at
Tue Nov 5 05:35:02 PST 2002

Hi lf-scratchers,

I had put a post in .chat concerning strip, but unfortunately there 
are no replies yet. I suppose my question was not clear enough (?).

I don't know how to handle the dozen or so of 
"/usr/bin/strip:[path+file]: file truncated" messages. Does that mean 
that these files won't work any more, are they destructed?

That is chapter 9 of LFS revision 4.0. I used the very same command as 
this in the book per copy+paste (not strip-all!).

By the way these messages appeared among uncountable 
"/usr/bin/strip:[path+file]:file format not recognized" messages. They 
have run over screen like rats and I failed to record the output in a 
file, so I can't figure out what files were not recognised or truncated.

Shall I be worried about these messages? Shall I make use of my backup?

Thank you in advance for answer,

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