LFS on older Sparcs

Jamie Norwood mistwolf at mushhaven.net
Tue Nov 5 05:29:34 PST 2002

on Tue, 5 Nov 2002 05:08:24 +0000 (UTC), Jamie Norwood stated:
> ./configure on bash on a SPARCstation 5 took 28 minutes. Started it
> actually compiling, with date redirects before and after, so I will let
> you know in a bunch of hours how long 1 SBU is on this lower-end
> machine. To the poor guy with an IPX, I don't know that I would
> recommend investing the time to do this, but expect to use the better
> part of a few weeks to a month with it, when all is said and done. 
> Jamie

So, the compile was actually /faster/ than the configure. :> Total times

Configure:	28 minutes
Compile:	24 minutes
Install:	<1 minute
Total:		53 minutes

So 1 SBU is just about an hour. I am doing binutils right now, so we
will see if this pattern holds true. At that time, and binutils being
2.05 SBU, it should take me 109 minutes.

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