Error: Bad Interpeter

David C david at
Mon Nov 4 19:27:14 PST 2002

On Monday 04 November 2002 12:29 pm, you wrote:
> On Monday 04 November 2002 14:05, you wrote:
>  > bash: ./configure: bad interpreter: Permission denied
> It rings a bell to me...
>  > my fstab looks like
>  > /dev/hdb4       /mnt/lfs ext2  rw,auto,user 0 0
>                                            /
>                This is the problem!  <----/
> When you use 'user' as an option, then mount mounts the FS with
> options noexec,nosuid,nodev as well (to prevent security holes, I
> assume!). Make your entry without user, mount it as root, and you'll
> be OK.
> Cheers,
> Yann.

Excuse me but what would that line look like the correct way? I'd like 
to be able to have my RH 8.0 host automatically mount /dev/hdb1 to 
/mnt/lfs while I finish things up. It gets rather monotonous typing it 
over and over, lol


David C.
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